Level Designer at "The Gang Sweden"

Procedural Generated Level System


My goal with this prototype was to get an understanding of how procedural generated systems could work in theory and how you can use it in Level Design to create more enjoyable replays. 

This system was developed with Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4 during 1 week!

How it works!

There are three main props in this prototype, tables, chairs, and lamps. There is one main blueprint for each type that tells the program what type of prop to spawn. 

Let’s take the table for example, when a table spawns it asks itself what table am I? then it selects one out of three and spawns it on the dedicated spot in that room.
The table then asks itself do I want a lamp to spawn a lamp? yes or no, if the table says yes it spawns a lamp on top of it. Some tables are larger that does this move 2 times so that table can then have one, two, or no lamps on top of it.
The picture below shows how the table spawns.

When the props spawn they use a mix of this blueprint to spawn with a nice rotation to make it feel natural.

The Rooms

The level is build up with three preset room blueprints that randomly spawn in new props each time the level gets reloaded. To keep it exciting the rooms ask themself am I opened or closed? Like you can see in the video sometimes there are closed rooms and sometimes all the rooms are open for the player to explore.