Previous Associate Producer At Metaverse Team

Terminal Extraction Game

Project Details

Role: Level Designer
Time: 4 Weeks, 2020/02
Team Size: 14 Developers

Engine: UE4
Genre: 1v1 Local Multyplayer
Theme: Orientatio

TEG is a fast-paced competitive 1v1 game, where you are thrust into a dark and overgrown factory complex and it’s surroundings in a cat-and-mouse game for survival.
In TEG, you need to collect the power cores found throughout the area to escape.

My main focus in this game project was to Level Design the Factory and Warehouse area.  
I intended to build a level that could produce intense and exciting gameplay moments, where the players could use the environment to trick each other.

Factory Level Design Showcase

Top Down Map View

Me and the other LD sat down together and sketched out the level and came up with 3 main areas. 
This shows the topdown sketched  to final top-down picture. 

This shows milestones in the progression of the Factory area from top-down map to finished.

Fluid Gameplay

During the early stages of development, we had the problem that players got stuck when trying to jump ontop of containers.
I fix this problem by replacing the badly placed boxes for jumping to ramps.

The ramps were made out of pallets and planks to easily tell the player “Here is a way up”. This made the gameplay more fluid and fun.

On the first picture, you can see some of the changes made, see the green circles.

Here I wanted to give the players different options to get up on the roof. This lets the players pick the best for the situation depending on if you are the chaser or the one being chased.

There are two options if the player goes through the container, run up the pipe ramp or run beside and leave the area.

This section is designed to give the players more choices of where to go, there are ramps so the players can keep the pace and do the decisions on the way. This opens ways to all the parts in the level, goes to the forest, into the factory, upon the factory roof, or back to the outside of the factory. 

Here I give the players 3 options to pick from when they are trying to escape. If the player chooses to run up one of the containers they can either jump to the other container, run back or keep going forward. Important to give the player a lot of easy ways to go.

This area was the most fun to design, the player can approach this in many ways. There are two ramps that the player can take one lead out to the forest and the other one leads back into the level. The player can jump from the red container to the with and contrariwise to fool the other player. 

This shows how the players can use this area!